The first step is in understanding that courtship and friendship are not mutually exclusive. Just ask any sexually satisfied Canadian couple you meet.

The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis' book of the same name about the causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend.

How will the story stack up against the greatest films about business?

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They are averse to dating (in the typical sense, anyway) and often seem more frightened by the opposite sex than attracted to it. I could no more afford Jimmy Choos than a first-class flight to the Moon.

And I soon tired of being courted by men whose idea of wooing a girl was texting a message such as: "U up 4 pints 2 nite in W11?

Four years ago, I wrote an article for The Spectator complaining about the romantic ineptitude of the English male.

A single, twenty-something Canadian, I had recently moved to London, my head dancing with Jamesian visions of dapper English gents who would quote Spenser, wear French cuffs and sweep me off my Jimmy Choos and into their vintage Aston Martins. As I soon found out, English men today are nothing like their 19th-century fictional counterparts.

The study found what everyone in a marriage or long-term relationship already knows: that sexual satisfaction can almost always be measured in direct correlation to relationship happiness. Since returning to Canada a couple of years ago, my romantic life has improved - and drastically.

While part of this may well be attributable to the fact that I'm on home turf again, a more important factor is that Canadian men and women simply get along better than their British counterparts. My father rarely went out drinking with his buddies. My Seventies hippy feminist mother dressed my sister and me in sturdy shoes and overalls, cut our hair short and forbade us from watching The Flintstones or the Dukes of Hazard on television, because of their demeaning depictions of women.This, according to Laumann's study, is the key to a long and happy romantic future.In a recent interview, he said that in relationships based on equality, couples tend to focus on each other's pleasure.Britain has a choice: it can continue to fuel a modern battle of the sexes by perpetuating and obsessing over outdated and unoriginal cultural messages about how men and women should behave (Liam Gallagher vs Bridget Jones), or it can adopt a new model of courtship; one that takes the best parts of feminism and political correctness (fiscal equality, mutual respect) and discards the dowdy rest.The need for long-term sexual satisfaction has never been more prevalent.Seeing nothing wrong with these single friends, I had hoped theirs was simply a run of bad dating luck.