Be Patient: It will take a few drafts of the email until you get it right.

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Likewise, you shouldn’t be asking her 5 million questions. Check out our online dating comparison chart for a rundown on how the messaging works on the most popular dating sites as well as other features on each.

Simply introduce yourself, ask a question and you’re done. When it comes to reaching out to a guy, it’s much simpler.

It’s also one of the reasons why I stress that you take the time in preparing your online dating profile.

More importantly though, girls know a wink is a cop-out.

If she read your profile and ignored you then maybe it’s for the best.

If she wasn’t interested in who you are, assuming you took the time to really lay it all out in your dating profile, then there probably wouldn’t have been much there anyway. In the above email example, the subject line can be “A Fellow [INTEREST] Fan!

Most guys don’t put any effort into their messages either.

There are three types of initial messages guys send to girls on dating sites: Luckily for you, over 90% of the emails sent are of the first two. While she is deleting all of these messages, she will come across your thoughtful email and read it. Depending on what she is looking for, she will either ignore you or reply back.

Emailing shows much more interest than a simple wink. If you can’t put forth the effort to court her with that first online message, what is going to happen six months into the relationship?