Stage fright was a bit of a problem, but running the water is helpful. It was awkward at best." Caitlin Gregg, Cross Country Skiier: "I was drug-tested in school once. So they came in and had to sit with me through this boring lecture.I don't remember what class it was, but it is was something boring.

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I got a call saying someone is here to see me in the lobby, and I assumed it was the people I would be presenting to.

I walked into the lobby and saw the navy blue polos, the khaki shorts, and the bag and I knew immediately what it was.

We were out kind of late the night before at a premiere after-party thing.

There was a knock on my door at 6 a.m., and everyone was like, 'What is going on right now?

And once they've made contact with the athlete, they have to keep her in sight until nature calls. These two women at the front desk are watching as Amy and I walk into a bathroom together and she's carrying this huge briefcase of stuff.

At this point a female DCO chaperones the athlete to the bathroom and watches as she provides a urine sample. athletes about their strangest drug-testing experiences. Heather Mc Phie, Alpine Skier: "I was about to get into my car and take it to the shop because I had been in an accident the night before, and I spotted Amy, who I've gotten to know quite well because she tests me pretty regularly. I give my sample and I'm kneeling on the floor in the bathroom over paper towels pouring my pee into these different cups, so I don't have to carry my pee back out into the lobby.

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This means if an athlete's plans change she must update her USADA online profile or send them an email or text.