I see other women who, frankly, are not as attractive as I am or as thin as I am, who seem to get the “hot” men.I don’t necessarily mean gorgeous men, but the men who take them to nice restaurants, bring them flowers, take them dancing and, basically, “court” them.

What secrets do they know that I don’t, because they certainly aren’t sharing them?

” Most women think a wonderful relationship is simply about finding the right man.

The goal must be written as you have already achieved it. “Today is ” Example: Let’s say you are single and you want to find your perfect partner by . “Today is 25 February 2013 and I have found the love of my life. Then close your eyes and visualize your goal in detail. By doing this your subconscious mind will get the message and will start working to bring opportunities for you. This is very critical and many people don’t do this.

I know it because I am walking with him/her on the beach.” Did you get it? Remember you must take a pen and paper and WRITE it down. If we take our above example, you must be dreaming of holding hands with your partner and walking on the beach. Taking actions to achieve your goal is connected to above step 2.

The UAE is one of the most restrictive countries in the Middle East when it comes to Internet access.

Dubai has become a major tourist destination over the pat 10 years, and is also home for tens of thousands of expatriates from around the world.

The dirty little secret is that having a perfect body isn’t nearly as important as you have been led to believe.

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The men who would rather bring a six pack over and watch football all day and then expect me to fix dinner?