Berkeley is filled with pedestrian activity, and walking is often the best way to get around downtown and the university campus.

Walking is also commonplace elsewhere in town, but distances are sufficiently long enough to make bicycling and public transit more attractive options.

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Berkeley [1] is a mid-sized city in the San Francisco Bay Area in California.

Situated in the East Bay, Berkeley is renowned for its world-class university, liberal politics, 1960s Free Speech Movement roots, and cultural and culinary pursuits.

Today's Berkeley is not as radical as the one found in modern American history books, but the sense of vitality that pervades much of the city can be attributed to the variety of students, scientists, activists, hippies, and yuppies that call it home.

The Bay Area has a mild climate year-round with wet winters and dry summers.

Parking can be difficult and expensive downtown and near Telegraph Avenue.

The easiest but most expensive parking is available in parking garages [9].

For example, parking for 1 hour in a 20-minute green zone could result in 2 tickets!

Like nearby San Francisco, Berkeley is well-served by public transit.

U-locks should be used; cable locks are not a sufficient deterrent to theft.

For longer journeys, all AC Transit buses are equipped with bicycle racks and BART allows bicycles on board all trains.

Also, some intersections have special turn restrictions for cars but not bicycles.