If Sony has added the PS3 super slim to its console lineup, how can Microsoft be left far behind?In June 2013, Microsoft launched the new Xbox 360, the Xbox 360 E―the revamped version of its seventh generation video game console.

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Even the most ardent fans of gaming are bound to have a tough time trying to figure out which is better, the super-slim PS3 or the new Xbox 360.

Play Station 3 super slim, which happens to be the latest version of Sony's seventh generation video game console, was launched by Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI) in late 2012.

To help you choose between these two, we will highlight some of the key differences between them.

Both, Sony and Microsoft have launched their respective eighth generation game consoles, the Play Station 4 (PS4) and Xbox One.

At present, the new Xbox 360 is available in two configurations: the 250GB Xbox 360 and 4GB Xbox 360.

Note: It's worth noting that both, Sony and Microsoft continue with the practice of marketing these consoles as the PS3 and Xbox 360 officially, despite the fact that they are technically the PS3 super slim and Xbox 360 E.

The new console is slightly smaller than its predecessor, the Xbox 360 S.

In terms of appearance, however, it resembles Microsoft's next generation console, the Xbox One, to a certain extent.

In order to decide which of these two gaming consoles is better, we will have to take their prominent features into consideration.

If the PS3 slim and Xbox 360 S were quieter and more power efficient than the original models, the PS3 super slim and new Xbox 360 take it a step forward.

Interestingly, PS3 has caught up in the games department with the addition of exclusive titles like The Last of Us, Dust 514, and God of War: An ascension to the already illustrious list which includes titles like Metal Gear Solid, God of War III, Killzone 3, Resistance 3, and many more.