Firstly, I want to throw out that I'm not normally attracted to girls younger than 23.

19 and 21 year old dating-46

I also think I'm fairly mature for my age (great career, nice car, house, well respected in the community, etc).

So anyways, I posted a profile on a dating site just to see what would happen, and I've gotten quite a few messages.

I am exactly 20 years older than my partner (same birthday), and in a couple weeks we'll be celebrating 25 years together.

We actually have much fewer problems than a lot of couples closer in age, but we have the maturity to not let the problems weigh us down.

If not hopefully she is advanced and you are not stunted. So...campground rules, which means "Leave her better than you found her," so she'll have good memories and, hopefully, an example of how a relationship should be.

Also, and important, it's going to be up to you to decide, quickly, within a few dates, how serious you want to get with it.

Nevertheless, she messaged me and so I shot her a quick reply just trying to be cordial.

I'm not going to lie, yeah, it was a little flattering, but not what I was looking for (again felt she was too young).

My grandpa is 9 years older than my grandma, got married to her when she was about 19 I think, and they are still together to this day. at 19 and without a lack of relationship experience, she's not going to be as mature when it comes to reacting to the bad times in your time together, if you two end up dating or getting married some day.

She won't have the same perspective or experience to base decisions on or with which to deal with emotions.

So here's my question to all of you, what do you think?